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Our Promise To You: Protecting the rights of Real Estate Consumers

The world of real estate is a fast one, that's for sure. With so much technology changing so fast, a good Agent has to do their best to keep up. We promise you how we will treat your connection with us, from Non-Client to Client and beyond.

We get it. Believe me... we get it!

As REALTORS®, we are also members of the public, getting automated calls from telemarketing companies people hire to "build their database". Not only is it impossible to see how methods like this can actually work, they are flat out annoying. What's worse, the repetition of calls, the aggravating continuation day after day of random calls trying to sell us something constantly is enough already. We've all had it, being inundated with this style of marketing. It's pretty clear to most, that it plain old doesn't work.

We believe a good Agent should rely on the relationships they develop to grow their good name. Certainly visibility in the community is important, but buying advertising in a magazine or a bus shelter is far less intrusive into people's homes than a telemarketing campaign that is pestering you while you're making dinner, only to hear a robot speak to you as a result. We just prefer to do a really great job for our clients and in doing so, they tell other people about our work for them. Seems to work really well as a way to grow a business that makes a real difference to people and we like it that way.

But the other day, I personally filled out a form online for a service that I was looking for. Being a pretty trusting person, I usually don't read the fine print but something was telling me this time to give it a look. I was shocked to read that by completing the form, I was consenting to a whole host of annoying things that I wanted absolutely nothing to do with. How sneaky the fine print can be!

It's true though, we have intake forms on our site. But we have worked really hard to ensure that you feel safe as a consumer to complete the form and get the information you are requesting. For instance, when you want to find out the value of your home in today's housing market, you might complete our Value Your Home form. When you click the 'Get Value Report' button on the last page 'Get Value Report' we wanted you to know what you are actually consenting to. Yes, we ensured our fine print was clear, but it's small and the older we get, the smaller the small type seems to get too!

Our fine print on every form on our site reads the same. Here it is for you:

You are expressly consenting, in writing, to receive the contact you specified above*. You will NOT receive any other messages, including artificial or prerecorded voices, via automated calls or texts from at the number you provided above because we know how absolutely annoying and how aggravating that kind of harassing contact can be. We prefer to build up our contacts through service excellence and community connection. More details in privacy policy and terms of use.

*Above: We added an asterix because the word "above" would reference whatever the form is that you are completing.

There you have it! Our fine print explained. Basically, we promise to respect your personal information like we value our own. It's personal! It's not to be abused, sold or beaten to death. It should be respected.

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Hey there!


More than a decade in this business, I know a great REALTOR® is always learning. My favourite golden rule is that communication is key, but in real estate, it's imperative. An informed client is a stress free client.


The Knowledge Centre I am building is a community connector, full of collaborative professionals who are integrity driven and growth focused. 

If there is something you want to know more about but you can't find it here, please drop me a line to let me know. 



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