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Buying a Home: How to find a truly great Buyer's Agent

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

When it comes to finding a REALTOR® to represent your needs, ensuring you find the right person for the job is critical. But, how to find them? What should you look for in a truly great Buyer's Agent?

What is a Buyer's Agent?

A Buyer's Agent is a REALTOR® who is legally obligated to represent you as the Buyer in a real estate sales transaction. Agents will often work with both Buyers and Sellers in their real estate practice but not in the same transaction. In the region governed by the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, Agents are not permitted to work with both at the same time when they are representing a listing for sale (ie: double ending a sale, or dual agency). Your Buyer's Agent represents you and your needs only. They have a legal responsibility to act in your best interests only, not the Seller's.

What Will Your Buyer's Agent Do for You?

One of the first things we will do is to get to know your needs. What is your budget? Are you open to doing any work on your new home or do you want a home with nothing that needs attention? Do you need a mortgage helper? Will you be fixing it up and flipping it or is this a long term purchase? Do you have children and what would you like for them to have in your new home such as bright rooms, proximity to good schools and parks, a safe backyard for play? Do you have pets that need a large garden that is totally fenced and is the home close to good trails?

A great Buyer's Agent will dig deep to learn what is important to you in the purchase of your home and will deliver on finding homes that match your criteria. The things you should ask a potential Buyer's Agent about are best understood in the list of just some of the tasks we will help you with when we work with you:

  • Financing Pre-Qualifications: If you haven't already been in touch with a lender, we will ensure you are informed about lenders known for excellence in their service to our Buyers and get you on the road to your pre-qualification with the best in the industry.

  • Targeting Requirements: Outlining your Needs versus your Wants and developing a score sheet so you can easily rank and review each home you see.

  • Researching Listings: Producing daily targeted lists of homes that fit your criteria.

  • Pre-Screening Homes: Communicating with the Seller's Agents to understand if the home fits your Needs vs Wants ideals and reporting back to you about each home recommended to you.

  • Market Conditions: We will ensure you are aware of the current market conditions and how they impact you when it comes to crafting offers and negotiating sales prices.

  • Contract Reviews: We will go through each document step by step to ensure you are comfortable with everything you are signing as you go through the process of buying your home.

  • Preparing Offers: We will work with you to make the most powerful offer possible which represents you, your needs and limitations. We've been doing it for over a decade so it really is true that experience makes the best agents. We craft offers that win homes for our Buyers and saves you money on the purchase too.

  • Supportive Negotiations: We will keep you informed throughout the process of negotiations. It can sometime take days to get to a successful deal on a purchase. With our innovative Buyer's Dashboard you will get to follow along the path of negotiations in real time, as it's happening. We will never leave you guessing regardless of the outcome.

  • Subject Removal Process: When you do enter into a contract on a purchase, your contract may have many things on the list of what needs to be investigated prior to "going firm" or having your sale becoming unconditional (legally binding and not severable). We will ensure you are referred to the right tradespeople to support you such as Home Inspectors, Oil Tank Scanning companies, Insurance teams, and so much more.

  • Closings & Post Purchase: We will walk every step of the way on your home purchase, past the subject removal process so that you are aware of everything along the way to your closing and especially after you get the keys. Long after your home is purchased and you have moved in, we will ensure that if there is something that impacts you, you will know about it, such as tax changes, warranty expirations and so much more.

Research a Buyer's Agent's Experience and Qualifications

A truly great Buyer's Agent will be happy to speak with you about their background, what got them interested in real estate and how they have done their job in the past. Some of the questions to ask are:

  • How many years have you been a REALTOR®?

  • Are you a full time Agent?

  • What training and certifications have you completed?

  • Do you exclusively work with Buyers or do you also represent Sellers?

  • How many Buyers have you represented this year?

  • What area do you specialize in and for how long?

  • How reachable are you? Do you have hours when I can't reach you?

  • What online resources do you have for me as your Buyer?

  • Do you work on a team, or are you a solo Buyer's Agent?

  • Do you have anyone to cover you if you are sick or on holiday as we work together?

  • Do you have any references that I can review or speak to?

  • How available are you?

  • How many other Buyers are you representing right now who are also home hunting today?

  • Are any of your Buyers looking for homes that fit our criteria?

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